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Imam Siraj Wahhaj is the first in the Celebrating Our Elders series. He was selected not simply because of his devoted leadership to the community, but also for his role as a pioneer in the American Muslim experience. Since the 1970s, Imam Siraj has tirelessly laid the foundations for many scholars and leaders that would follow him. From activism to challenges, to the Nation of Islam to revolutions, follow Imam Siraj as he retraces the footsteps of his life.

  Imam Siraj shares his thoughts on the challenges facing the Muslim community and obstacles to Muslim Unity.
  Imam Siraj shares his compelling journey of spiritual discovery and racial identity taking him from the baptist chruch, throught the Nation of Islam, and eventually to Islam.
  Finding strength through his conviction to Islam and family support, Imam Siraj highlights the many blessings in his personal life.
  Imam Siraj's journey to Islam led him to Saudia Arabia where he studied Islamic sciences and gleaned a better understanding of his role as a Muslim
in America.
  Imam Siraj discusses his role as an activist and his vision for the future.
  Imam Siraj chronicles his famous anti-drug campaign in Brooklyn, New York.

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