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Speech Request Forms

Requests to have Shaykh Abdallah Adhami speak/teach at an event should be submitted in writing using our speech request form. This allows us to process all requests in a timely and equitable fashion, insha’allah.

After your request is submitted, it will be evaluated based on the shaykh’s schedule and other commitments. We will notify you in a timely manner of the status of your request insha’allah.

Please be advised that as the inviting organization, your group will be responsible for all costs associated with your event. All transportation costs, including round-trip airfare, ground transportation, hotel, meals, plus any honorarium involved, must be paid by the sponsoring organization.

When filling out the form, please include as much information as possible. This is particularly important in the sections which describe your chosen topic(s) and intended audience for your program.

For all speech requests in USA,

Contact: tamara@sakeenah.org
» Download speech request form for USA

For all speech requests in the UK (1st - 15th August 2006),

Contact: shafiur_r@hotmail.com
» Download speech request form for the UK.

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